Longmire, Seasons 1-6

Longmire, Seasons 1-6


  • Жанр: Drama
  • Дата Релиза: 2012-06-03
  • Эпизод: 68
  • Цена на iTunes: USD 79.99
  • Цена на iTunes HD: 79.99 USD
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Based on the Walt Longmire mystery novels by Craig Johnson, Longmire stars Australian actor Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. A man in psychic repair after the murder of his wife, Longmire buries his loss behind a brave face and dry wit. At the urging of his daughter, Cady (Cassidy Freeman), and close friend and confidant Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips), he sets out to rebuild his personal and professional life one step at a time. But with his county in turmoil, Sheriff Longmire relies on his loyal deputies Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff), Branch Connally (Bailey Chase) and the Ferg (Adam Bartley). At the end of the day, it’s Longmire’s job to keep the peace in Big Sky Country in this contemporary crime thriller.


1Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot52:28Только Сезон На Айтюнс
2Season 1, Episode 2: The Dark Road42:59Только Сезон На Айтюнс
3Season 1, Episode 3: A Damn Shame43:09Только Сезон На Айтюнс
4Season 1, Episode 4: Dog Soldier43:47Только Сезон На Айтюнс
5Season 1, Episode 5: The Cancer43:01Только Сезон На Айтюнс
6Season 1, Episode 6: The Worst Kind of H43:41Только Сезон На Айтюнс
7Season 1, Episode 7: 8 Seconds44:41Только Сезон На Айтюнс
8Season 1, Episode 8: An Incredibly Beaut42:59Только Сезон На Айтюнс
9Season 1, Episode 9: Dogs, Horses and In43:09Только Сезон На Айтюнс
10Season 1, Episode 10: Unfinished Busines44:42Только Сезон На Айтюнс
11Season 2, Episode 1: Unquiet Mind43:43Только Сезон На Айтюнс
12Season 2, Episode 2: Carcasses43:13Только Сезон На Айтюнс
13Season 2, Episode 3: Death Came in Like 43:04Только Сезон На Айтюнс
14Season 2, Episode 4: The Road to Hell43:07Только Сезон На Айтюнс
15Season 2, Episode 5: Party's Over43:08Только Сезон На Айтюнс
16Season 2, Episode 6: Tell It Slant43:14Только Сезон На Айтюнс
17Season 2, Episode 7: Sound and Fury: Ext52:49Только Сезон На Айтюнс
18Season 2, Episode 8: The Great Spirit43:12Только Сезон На Айтюнс
19Season 2, Episode 9: Tuscan Red43:11Только Сезон На Айтюнс
20Season 2, Episode 10: Election Day: Exte55:39Только Сезон На Айтюнс
21Season 2, Episode 11: Natural Order43:09Только Сезон На Айтюнс
22Season 2, Episode 20: A Good Death Is Ha43:13Только Сезон На Айтюнс
23Season 2, Episode 13: Bad Medicine43:45Только Сезон На Айтюнс
24Season 3, Episode 1: The White Warrior44:12Только Сезон На Айтюнс
25Season 3, Episode 2: Of Children and Tra43:07Только Сезон На Айтюнс
26Season 3, Episode 3: Miss Cheyenne43:13Только Сезон На Айтюнс
27Season 3, Episode 4: In the Pines43:08Только Сезон На Айтюнс
28Season 3, Episode 5: Wanted Man43:14Только Сезон На Айтюнс
29Season 3, Episode 6: Reports of My Death43:16Только Сезон На Айтюнс
30Season 3, Episode 7: Population 2547:07Только Сезон На Айтюнс
31Season 3, Episode 8: Harvest43:04Только Сезон На Айтюнс
32Season 3, Episode 9: Counting Coup43:45Только Сезон На Айтюнс
33Season 3, Episode 10: Ashes to Ashes48:12Только Сезон На Айтюнс
34Season 4, Episode 1: Down By the River 1:04:01Только Сезон На Айтюнс
35Season 4, Episode 2: War Eagle54:56Только Сезон На Айтюнс
36Season 4, Episode 3: High Noon57:48Только Сезон На Айтюнс
37Season 4, Episode 4: Four Arrows58:18Только Сезон На Айтюнс
38Season 4, Episode 5: Help Wanted 1:01:26Только Сезон На Айтюнс
39Season 4, Episode 6: The Calling Back55:29Только Сезон На Айтюнс
40Season 4, Episode 7: Highway Robbery 1:08:26Только Сезон На Айтюнс
41Season 4, Episode 8: Hector Lives57:29Только Сезон На Айтюнс
42Season 4, Episode 9: Shotgun57:36Только Сезон На Айтюнс
43Season 4, Episode 10: What Happens on th 1:02:31Только Сезон На Айтюнс
44Season 5, Episode 1: A Fog That Won't Li58:42Только Сезон На Айтюнс
45Season 5, Episode 2: One Good Memory56:33Только Сезон На Айтюнс
46Season 5, Episode 3: Chrysalis 1:04:35Только Сезон На Айтюнс
47Season 5, Episode 4: The Judas Wolf 1:01:44Только Сезон На Айтюнс
48Season 5, Episode 5: Pure Peckinpah 1:02:43Только Сезон На Айтюнс
49Season 5, Episode 6: Objection56:52Только Сезон На Айтюнс
50Season 5, Episode 7: From This Day Forwa57:24Только Сезон На Айтюнс

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